Hello and a heart-felt welcome to you.

I am Lisa Fullbright Cossey a healer, channel and homeopath; a spiritual guide, a bright catalyst.

I am greatly privileged to journey with people on their unfolding paths of personal development towards true health. I hold an holistic view and address the many levels of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. I work with guidance and I also work with integrity, humour, love, power and depth.

I see individuals, either in person or on online and I also enjoy working with groups doing channelled guidance and healing. When I teach classes I love to help people experience their spiritual selves, develop their perception skills and explore the subtle worlds.

My work also encompasses the land, the beings of nature and the beloved animals.

My work with spiritual guidance is both bringing through the guidance levels of consciousness for others, and helping others to access deep wisdom for themselves. I use vocal tones and chants, spoken word guidance and energy healing.

So, I hope you find something of interest here, and if the bright catalyst energy resonates with you I very much look forward to our meeting.

With very much love, Lisa.

“Light and love are within all things. They are the glue of the universe, the stuff of creation.

The journey we are all upon is that of uncovering the light that is within and without, at the finest, deepest, widest, highest levels; dissolving away that which blocks the light from shining through from within every particle of our being.

Every relationship, every experience, no matter how challenging, starts in spirit from love.

If we are to wake up from the illusion of this soap opera life, we can do so by finding the courage to go within; and there, beyond all the stories, the wounds, the fears, the beliefs, we will find our true nature.

It is all here now. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, no time else. Just here now with what is before you.

That is where the laughter, light and love truly live. That is where all dimensions are; right here right now.

And how will you grow? From the daily drama of your life, from those you meet, from those you are in relationship with. We are all in service to each other bringing endless opportunities to stop reacting, blaming and taking energy, and to start resourcing ourselves with deep understanding.

There is a bigger picture. If you are drawn to explore it, if you seek help to navigate it, if you are curious or if you are desperate, then you are warmly welcome here.”

One With Our Elder Selves